Animated Logomark I designed for my project ‘Stadt Wesel’

Stadt Wesel

Identity Design

The city of Wesel did not have a consistent Corporate Identity and held a competition to look for a design system that represented their modern city.

For my submission I developed an identity system that was based on the city outline, which was divided into two shapes by the river Rhine as my inspiration point and created a bold and modern symbol. I used the symbol as a graphic element across different applications to show connection as well as create dynamic layouts.

icon of the city of wesel and the river rhineSketchbook showing different symbols I sketched for my project ‘Stadt Wesel’Logodesign for my project ‘Stadt Wesel’Black and White Logodesign for my project ‘Stadt Wesel’Stationary (Letterhead, Business card & Envelope) I designed for my project ‘Stadt Wesel’
Leaflet covers for my project ‘Stadt Wesel’
Poster design for my project ‘Stadt Wesel’
Poster mockup Homepage design for my project ‘Stadt Wesel’white t-shirt with the Stadt Wesel Logo