Phobia Title animation


Editorial Design
Cover design
Mixed Media

‘Phobia’ is a monothematic magazine series with a total of six issues. Each issue deals with a different aspect about phobia ranging from childhood experiences to severe cases. The layout of the covers were kept simple by placing the logo and an illustration or photo that visualizes each issue's topic.

Phobia magazine Cover. Issue 01: ChildhoodPhobia magazine Cover. Issue 02: GeneticsPhobia magazine Cover. Issue 04: SocialPhobia magazine Cover. Issue 04: TreatmentPhobia magazine Cover. Issue 05: Sever casesPhobia magazine Cover. Speical Issue 06: EmbraceAll Phobia magazine covers

The spine reveals the title of each issue and one of the letters of the logo to show the chronology in which they were meant to be read. If you collect all magazines and place them on top of each other the spine reveals the word ‘phobia’.

Animation showcasing the spines of the Phobia magazines