Day-to-Day Calender ‘KALI-365’ animation, showing the different photos

Kali 365

Conceptual Design
Print Design

KALI 365 is a Day-to-Day Calendar that reflects on the city of Kamp-Lintfort (Kali in short) in a simple but visually interesting way. The calendar features 365 images of facades from 42 different streets that are located all over city. The house number of each house corresponds to the current day of the year. This way the calendar is not only showing the day but is also giving visual information about the city.

Day-to-Day Calender ‘KALI-365’Day-to-Day Calender ‘KALI-365’ unfoldedDay-to-Day Calender ‘KALI-365’Day-to-Day Calender ‘KALI-365’Day-to-Day Calender ‘KALI-365’ infographic, showing th eidfferent components